Regulation 2016 Online

Cybercrime Bill


St Vincent and The Grenadines

Data Governance

Definitions of Data:

Data includes both computer data as well as traffic data;

Main Focus of Document:

The legislation aims to provide for the creation of offences related to cybercrimes and for related matters;

Target Beneficiaries or Sectors:

Government, citizens, businesses

Key Elements:

Key Sections include the creation of the following offences:-

  • Illegal access to computer system

-Illegal remaining in computer system

-Illegal interception

-illegal data interference

  • Illegal acquisition of data

  • Illegal system interference

  • Offences affecting critical infrastructure

-Illegal devices

-Identity-related crimes

  • Computer-related forgery

  • Computer-related fraud

  • Violation of privacy

  • Child pornography

-Harassment utilizing means of electronic communication



Data Electronic crimes

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