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Digital Economy Framework for Action



Digital Economy

Definitions of Data:

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Main Focus of Document:

The Digital Economy Framework for Action seeks to enable businesses to digitally transform, empower workers through new digital competencies, and create digitally connected ecosystems. This plan is aligned with the Smart Nation vision and complements the 23 Industry Transformation maps, outlining a plan of action to enhance Singapore’s digital competitiveness and become a global node in Asia. It encourages private-public collaboration and partnership to strengthen local digital capabilities, deepen innovation and facilitate access to the digital economies globally.

Target Beneficiaries or Sectors:

Across all sectors

Key Elements:

The Singapore digital economy transformation framework is focused around three priorities, which are in turn supported by four enablers.

The three strategic priorities:

  1. Accelerate digital transformation of companies across all sectors
  2. Support companies to leverage digital technology through the integration and evolution of existing ecosystem and fostering new ecosystems through innovation.
  3. Transform the infocomm and media (ICM) sector to acquire new digital capabilities for growth, and partner digital giants to uplift ecosystem players.

The strategic priorities can be realised through four key enablers:

  1. Talent Development: Continuous upskilling and reskilling to train and groom ICM professionals as well as raise the digital competency of the workforce across all sectors to take on the challenges of the digital economy.
  2. Research & Innovation: Giving companies the competitive edge through technology innovation and developing specific sectoral digital roadmaps to inform and anticipate new developments.
  3. Physical & Digital Infrastructure: Continued investment to boost Singapore’s infrastructure and enhance digital connectivity as technology evolves.
  4. Governance, Policies and Standards: Robust data privacy, data protection and cybersecurity policies, and continuous efforts to define and refine governance of data and other upcoming technologies such as AI.

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Policy/regulation mirrored:

Digital economy policies and strategies