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G.A.T.E. Government Assisted Technology Endeavour


Antigua and Barbuda


Definitions of Data:


Main Focus of Document:

This is known as the connect Antigua and Barbuda initiative and is geared towards the development of information and communication technology services for the citizenry and the country at large.

Target Beneficiaries or Sectors:

school children, adults

Key Elements:

This initiative aims to equip young persons and adults with key practical technology skills and to afford them experience in the digital media. The goal therefore is to make ICT available to all who reside in the country. This is to be done through various ICT initiatives. Both community access centres and mobile IT classrooms have been functioning to achieve the aims and objectives.

Objectives The goal of the ICT Cadet Programme is to equip the cadets with technical and theoretical ICT skills and training that will help them obtain a job or begin an income-generating activity of their own. Through the provision of valuable workplace experience, graduates will develop life building skills that will help them in their professional lives.

The major goals for initiating the ICT Cadet Programme are: 1.To reduce unemployment in Antigua and Barbuda. The objectives are as follows: (a) To provide unemployed persons with professional ICT training; (b) To provide workplace experiences to assist persons to effectively use their training in a professional environment. 2. To facilitate economic growth/development. The objectives are as follows: (a) To provide an ICT-skilled workforce; (b) To facilitate the provision of ICT-related services and attract foreign investment; (c) To Increase labour productivity; (d) To reduce unemployment and create different types of jobs.


  1. To build human capacity in Antigua and Barbuda
  2. To inspire entrepreneurship
  3. To establish Antigua & Barbuda as the ICT capital of the Caribbean

Vision The vision of the ICT Cadet Boot camp is to stimulate economic growth by building human capacity, reducing unemployment and creating a competitive labour market. It will help to foster a society of ICT-driven entrepreneurs and encourage social entrepreneurship.

Scope The ICT Cadet Boot Camp will provide entry-level ICT training to Cadets (students). Upon completion of the boot camp, the cadets will have (i) Acquired entry-level ICT skillsets (Installation, Configuration and Upgrading, Diagnosing and Troubleshooting, Preventive Maintenance, Motherboard/Processors/Memory, Printers, Basic Networking); (ii) Received introductory A+ and Network+ certification training; (iii) Received practical training in a real-world work environment; (iv) Improved interpersonal/customer support skills and Introductory teaching experience) as well as introductory New Media Training (Video editing, Graphic design, Photography, Journalism, Web navigation, editing and uploading).

E-education connectivity The Ministry of Information has begun implementing a master plan that will see the deployment of advanced wireless technologies to all secondary school students. GATE will utilize cutting-edge technology to help teachers bring more collaboration and interactivity into the classroom. Secondary school students will be allocated a modern, 4G LTE enabled computer tablet and 4G LTE broadband Internet connectivity that will transform student learning and increase student-teacher engagement. These students will benefit directly from 4G LTE connectivity Mondays to Fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and internet access will be available at home, at school and on the way to school. This component will commence with students in Forms 3 to 5 and will expand to include all secondary school students. Upon completion, up to 6,000 students will benefit from this component. Students and families will be offered discounted evening and weekend packages to ensure the whole family can benefit from this new technology.

4G LTE Broadband The Broadband Commission for Digital Development advocates that governments around the world need to rapidly formulate and implement national multi-sectorial broadband plans or risk being seriously disadvantaged in today's increasingly high-speed digital environment. Broadband: A Platform for Progress states, “to optimize the benefits to society, broadband should be coordinated on a countrywide basis, promoting facilities-based competition and with policies encouraging service providers to offer access on fair market terms". 4G LTE Broadband gives Antigua and Barbuda an ICT commercial advantage since the platform will reposition the country as the technology leader in the Caribbean, drive GDP upwards, enhance job creation and encourage inward investment. This provides Antiguan businesses with low cost, high speed internet access.

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