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Model AI Governance Framework (“Model Framework”) and accompanying Implementation and Self-Assessment Guide for Organisations (“ISAGO”) and Compendium of Use Cases (“Compendium”)




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Main Focus of Document:

The Model Framework translates ethical principles into pragmatic measures that businesses can adopt voluntarily, so that businesses have a ready-to-use tool to help deploy AI in a responsible manner.

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Key Elements:

The Model Framework provides detailed and readily implementable guidance to private sector organisations to address key ethical and governance issues when deploying AI solutions. The Model Framework maps out the key ethical principles and practices that apply to common AI deployment processes in four areas:

  1. Internal governance structures and measures;
  2. Determining level of human involvement in AI-augmented decision-making;
  3. Operations management; and
  4. Stakeholder interaction and communication.

The ISAGO and Compendium help organisations assess their alignment with the Model Framework and provide useful examples on how different organisations have implemented the Model Framework and benefitted from the use of AI.

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