Policy 2012 Online

Samoa National ICT Policy 2012-2017




Definitions of Data:

Main Focus of Document:

This document is intended to to provide an overarching framework to harmonize and align the national ICT priorities of various industry sectors and government ministries

Target Beneficiaries or Sectors:

Across All sectors

Key Elements:

The National ICT Policy sets out five goals for the period 2012–17 based on the key themes of accessibility, capacity and community. Those goals are: 1. To achieve accessible and affordable communications for all. 2. To create an enabling environment for the development and adoption of ICT through policy reform and improvements in legal frameworks. 3. To strengthen ICT human resources and increase human resource development opportunities through ICT. 4. To improve economic growth and socio – improvements and their sustainability. 5. To utilize ICT for good governance. 

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